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For registration, please fill in the form below:
     The conference fee will be 175 euro including a conference dinner and a guided tour, etc. Be aware that subsequent payment after 1st September, unfortunately has to be charged with 195 euro. There isn’t refund for the cancellation of registration.

  Early registration and payment until 1st September   175 euro
  Late registration and payment after 4st September   195 euro
  Payment by cash at the conference (irrespective from date of registration)   195 euro

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Bank Transfer

Please instruct the bank to use the following payment routing information:

Please remit the fund by T/T to
      J.P. MORGAN AG, Frankfurt

For credit to
      Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
      Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, PRC
      A/C No. 6231603546

For further credit to Beneficiary
      Account Number:0200004509088129221
      Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Haidian Branch, Beijing, PRC
      Name: Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences
      Address: 33 Beisihuan Xilu, Zhongguancun, Beijing 100080,PRC
      Subject: iPRES2007, Your Name, Your Institution

On location a certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants acknowledging the receipt of the conference fee.

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