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Location and Routes

    The conference will take place in Beijing,China. The venue itself will be in the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences in the north of the city.

    Address: 33 Beisihuan Xilu, Zhongguancun , Beijing P.R.China ,100080
    Phone: +86-10-8262-6683
    Fax: +86-10-8262-6600


Routes to the Friendship Hotel

Option 1:Airport Bus

Route 4 is the right one

In order to reach the Friendship Hotel,you could choose the airport bus at the Capital Airport.There is an Airport Shuttle Bus Route Map below.And Route 4 will take you to the Friendship Hotel from the Capital Airport .

Airport Shuttle Bus Route Map


Information about the bus

The two-way shuttle interval of Route 4 is 10 minutes.The shuttle bus will start when it is fully occupied anytime and the tickets are available at all the stops.It takes about one hour from the Capital Airport to the Friendship Hotel.

The ticket price of the shuttle bus is RMB 16 yuan,about 2 dollars.You can pay for it in cash,while not a credit card.

Details about Route 4

The table below show us the detailed information about Route 4,including the Stops and Operation hours.For catching the right shuttle bus and getting down at the right stop,we give the stop name in two language English and Chinese.And you can find the Friendship Hotel easily after getting down at Friendship Hotel station.




Operation hours


Capital Airport 首都机场


Gongzhufen 公主坟

1.China International Exhibition Centre; 国际展览中心

2.Xibahe; 西坝河

3.AnzhenBridge; 安贞桥

4.MadianBridge; 马甸桥

5.Beitaipingzhuang; 北太平庄

6.JimenBridge; 蓟门桥

7.Friendship Hotel; 友谊宾馆

8.Beijing TV Station; 北京电视台

9.ZizhuBridge; 紫竹桥

10.HangtianBridge; 航天桥

11.Gongzhufen (Xinxing Hotel)


First bus:7:00
Final bus:23:00




Gongzhufen 公主坟


Capital Airport 首都机场

1.Gongzhufen (Xinxing Hotel);


2.Friendship Hotel (North Entry Air Ticket Office);


3.Beitaipingzhuang ( 50m from the east of the crossroad);

北太平庄(路口东 50 米 )

4.AnzhenBuilding; 安贞大厦

5.CapitalAirport 首都机场

First bus:5:30
Final bus:21:00





Option 2:Taxi

If you miss the shuttle bus,you could arrive at the Friendship Hotel taking a taxi.It will take you about 40 minutes from the Capital Airport to the Friendship Hotel.You can get the detailed information about how to take and pay a taxi in Beijing on the website:

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